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Natural gas CHP-plant 2 x 1500 kWel

  • Overview

    CHP-plant installed in the GTP lightweight building construction type "Enclosure" with two GE Jenbacher gensets JMS 420 GS-N.L with an electrical output of 2 x 1.500 kW.

    The absorption refrigeration system installed by the client is used to produce cold water with the exhaust gas of the gas engines. The existing heat from the cooling water is being used in warm water circuits by the end customer.

  • Project data

    Location Bangkok, Thailand
    Genset type 2 x Jenbacher JMS 420 GS-N.L
    Fuel Natural gas
    Electrical output 2 x 1.500 kW
    Thermal output chilled water 12/7°C 1524 kW
    Scope of supply

    GTP lightweight hall type "Enclosure" for 2 gas engine units incl. Peripherals.
    Turnkey CHP installation, mechanical as well as electrical works including connection to the absorption chiller plant.

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