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Biogas CHP HGS 2 x 1200 kWel

  • Overview

       In both container CHP-plants a MWM TCG2020V12 gas engine is installed as the core. The gensets are equipped with a heat recovery system and deliver heat for an adjoining industrial area through a local heat network. The engines are integrated into the load management system of the engery supplier and are only operated during peak times. The rest of the time the biogas is collected in a gas storage. Like this there is enough gas available at peak times to run the machines on full load.

  • Project data

    Location Wathlingen, Germany
    Genset type MWM TCG2020V12
    Fuel Biogas
    Electrical output 2 x 1200 kW
    Thermal output Hot water 90/70°C
    Scope of supply CHP-container
    Activated carbon desulfurization
    Gas cooling (drying) and gas compressor

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