Landfill gas CHP-plant-container 800 kWel

  • Overwiew

    Continous operating CHP-plant 24h/7d for the utilization of landfill gas with an electrical output of (800kW) and a thermal output of (855kW).

    The CHP-plant is based on a Caterpillar Energy Solutions genset type CG132-16 in a 40 feet plant container. Landfill gas processing includes gas drying and H2S as well as Si cleaning by means of activated carbon.

  • Project data

    Location Maillet, France
    Genset type Caterpillar CG132-16
    Fuel Landfill gas
    Electrical output 800 kW
    Thermal output 855 kW
    Scope of supply CHP-container
    Gas treatment
    Gas compressor

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