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Used CHP-plant 311kW

  • Overview

    Container CHP plant type Pro2 with Deutz MWM genset TBG616V08K integrated. The genser is equiped with full heat recovery system and emergency cooling for the entire heat. The system delivers heat 90/70°C

    The plant will be equiped with a new TEM control system incl. cables.


    AVAILABILITY IMMEDIATELY (only installation of TEM needs to be done) !!!!
  • Project data

    Location Niederkrüchten, Germany
    Genset type Deutz MWM TBG616V08K
    Fuel Biogas - Landfill gas - Coal mine gas
    Year of construction (renovation of main auxiliary equipment) 1998 (2013)
    Availability IMMEDIATELY
    E70 general overhaul of engine  and generator 2013
    Operating hours since overhaul and renovation 15.000
    Electrical power 311 kW
    Thermal output (exhaust gas+ cooling water) Hot water 90/70°C with 438 kW
    Scope of supply

    CHP-container with emergency cooling

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